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8 Quick Tips For Choose the best SEO

by Marcus Richardson

What is SEO and How it works

8 Quick Tips For Choose the best SEO


Choose the best SEO


What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art of boost website rank on high through the non-paid section, also known as organic process. SEO is that process of optimizing your content so the search engine prefer to show it on top whenever someone searches for a certain keyword or phrase.

Search engine is the answer machine. You’ve to understand what people are searching on internet, what type of answers they’re looking for, which phrase they’re using. Knowing the answers to these queries will allow you to communicate with the individuals who are looking for the solution you provide online. SEO plays an important role for appearing on top searches, so choose the best SEO wisely.

Why SEO Is Important?

Search engines provide answers to questions or solutions to problems for millions of users every day. Competition level became too high on market. If you’ve a knowledge base valuable content that deserves to rank for the proper keyword, your traffic will boost over time. While paid ads on social media and other online platform can generate traffic to your website but also it needs continuous funding, although most of the online traffic is driven through search engines. I’ll guide you here to choose the best SEO for the destination in your business.

Rankings and Visibility:

Most of the search engine users are more likely to select one of the top 5 recommendations on the results pages of the search engine. It has a bunch of guidelines to optimize your website so that it can achieve higher rankings in the search engine’s organic results. SEO helps you to gain greater visibility online and making potential clients more likely to click on your website.

Website Traffic:

If one side of the SEO coin is to know the intent of your target audience, presenting it in a way that search engine crawlers can find and understand is the other. If potential clients can’t find your website easily, your sales opportunities will decrease. The more relevant user that see your website, the more likely you can offer to sell them.

Gain Trust:

Users have trust on search engines and dependent too. Having an appearance in the top positions for the keywords searched by the user boosts the trust of the website. SEO isn’t only about search engines but the user experience and efficiency of a website is improved by good SEO practices.

User Friendly:

Search engine are becoming smarter, however they still need our assistance. If two websites are marketing same product, the search engine optimized website is more likely to attract more clients and to make more sales. Optimizing your website would help to provide better information to the search engine so that your content can be correctly indexed and viewed within the search results. Users are also likely to share valuable content.


Google’s algorithm takes a lot of factor into consideration while ranking results for any given suggestion. Google focuses on recommending its users with the best possible results, valuable content always get it’s effective results. SEO is the best key tool for getting more and more website traffic. Each ‘n every websites need SEO to maintain their position on the Google or other search engines. It’s the main responsibility of SEO to keep website as first choice in search engines. If you choose the best SEO smartly, your web traffic will increase day to day.

Choose the best SEO:

It is important to understand the various types of SEO that your business can use and ensure you to select the type of SEO that will produce the best possible results for your company. 

Here are four main types of SEO techniques, all aimed to make the search results more visible. You’ve to Choose the best SEO towards your destination.

Choose the best SEO


White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO techniques are the best way to boost your website ranking. It contain with all the techniques of optimization which abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines but usually take longer to implement. You’ve to be focused only on human audience. There is no risk of your website getting banned in the search results if a new algorithm update. The whole thing is that if you do it properly white hat SEO has low risk and high rewards.

Some examples are given below of White Hat SEO techniques:

white hat seo

In this video Matt Cutts explains, How can a website compete using White Hat Techniques?


Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is the exact opposite of white hat SEO. If you want to get quick traffic by optimizing your content just for the search engine, you’ll probably turn out to be doing black hat SEO. It mostly go against Google Webmaster Guidelines to get higher rankings. Google catches on to these tactics and your website will suffer seriously if you’re caught.

Some examples are given below of Black Hat SEO techniques:

black hat seo

You can find more details on Black hat SEO techniques here.

Gray Hat SEO:

As you know life isn’t always black or white. There is something between white and black as its called gray. The same thing in SEO tactics the gray hat SEO is not too bad as the black hat SEO and also not too good as the white hat SEO. These SEO strategies are not prohibited by Google but these are not the best way to help your website grow. SEO companies are often use gray hat SEO strategy due to pressure from a client to see fast results.

Some examples are given below of Gray Hat SEO techniques:

gray hat seo

Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is an unique strategy for growing your business. It is totally different from all of the above SEO techniques. Negative SEO is conducted with the intention of making their competitors search rankings suffer so that they can take their position or improve their own. You probably see negative SEO scenarios in businesses and their competitors.

Some examples are given below of Negative SEO techniques:

Negative SEO

  • Building unnatural and undesirable links to competitors website.
  • Posting negative reviews on online forums.
  • Low quality links.
  • Hacking website and modifying its content.
  • Stealing content.

You can see Matt Cutts is talking about Negative SEO.


SEO is a major topic in the digital marketing industry and it encircles various strategies. Choose the best SEO according to your business. Let’s take a look some of the best SEO techniques.


Choose the best SEO


On Page SEO:

  • What is On Page SEO?

On page SEO is the process of optimizing web page content for users and search engines, also known as on site SEO. Optimization of title tags, internal links and URLs are common practice of on page SEO activity.

  • Why On Page SEO is Necessary?

On page SEO is necessary because it allows search engines to understand your website and its content, as well as to decide whether it is relevant to search’s query. On site SEO is the main method of optimizing individual content pages in order to achieve better search rank and drive organic traffic.

  • 10 Best Techniques of On Page SEO:

on page seo

1. Perform keyword research to find out the highly relevant and low competitive keywords.

2. Choose up to five relevant keyword and focus only one primary keyword for your content.

3. Make sure that your website displays quick and easy, smartly place your target keyword in the title, meta description and H1 tags.

4. Write creative and knowledgeable content, more than 600 words.

5. Increase your Click Through Rate/CTR for better user engagement.

6. Add internal links using targeted keyword and also add some valuable links to high authority sites.

7. Use the primary keyword as subheading at least one time, also try to use the primary keyword in the first and last paragraph of your content.

8. Make your content more attractive using images with proper size. Place the primary keyword to the image file name, title and alt tag.

9. Use a SEO friendly URL including your primary keyword.

10. Optimize website for Mobile Usability and add social sharing links.

Off Page SEO:

  • What is Off Page SEO?

In addition to the improvements you can make to your website so that it ranks higher in the Search Engine Results Page, using off page SEO techniques is the other way to boost the ranking position of your website. Off page SEO is commonly referred as link building, but I prefer to use the word website promotion because there are many more approaches and techniques to promote a website than building links in a proper way.

  • Why Needed Off Page SEO?

Until ranking a specific website/page Google considers a lot of factor and Off page SEO is one of them. Competition level is becoming higher day by day, only through good content it’s became difficult to rank now. Generally search engine algorithm looks their index when a user search for queries and try to find out the best pages that can satisfied the user intention. Creating high authority, relevant and trustworthy backlinks is the main program for Off Page SEO.

  • 5 Best Techniques of Off Page SEO:

off page seo

1. Decrease bounce rate.

2. Improve site authority and page authority.

3. Broken link building and check the ratio of Do follow link vs No follow link.

4. Posting positive reviews on online forums and Questions & Answers.

5. Social Networking and Bookmarking.

Technical SEO:

  • What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a collection of optimizations for websites and servers that make it easier for crawlers and website users to understand and use your platform. It is referred to as technical because it has nothing to do with content creation, link building techniques or content promotion. The key objective of the technical SEO is to optimize the website design and infrastructure.

  • Why Technical SEO is Important?

With the help of technical SEO you can improve your rankings in search results. It affects the actions and decisions of the visitor to your website. Technical SEO influences the conversion rates, lead generation and sales of your website.

  • 7 Best Techniques of Technical SEO:

technical seo

1. Choose a Preferred Domain.

2. Add SSL certificate to make your site HTTPS.

3. Create Robots.txt file. Generate XML sitemap and HTML sitemap.

4. Build SEO friendly navigation and site infrastructure.

5. Optimize URL structure and 404 Page.

6. Increase website speed. Make your website mobile friendly and enhance Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP.

7. Improve internal linking.

Voice Search SEO:

  • What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice Search SEO is an increasing technology which enables people to connect search results to the internet using nothing more than a smart device and their voice. It is the process of optimizing your pages to appear in voice searches.

  • Why Voice Search SEO became Essential?

Voice Search has grown 35 times since 2008. Searching with voice is 3.7x faster than typing. 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search more than once a day according to Google. 20% of all google mobile queries are voice searches. 25% of all Windows 10 desktop searches are made by voice. Now a days almost 50% of all searches are done by voice searches.

  • 6 Best Techniques of Voice Search SEO:

voice search SEO

1. Optimize content for conversational queries.

2. Focus on featured snippets.

3. Answering Questions Using Headers.

4. Improve your local SEO and website speed too.

5. Create longform content and make your content easy to digest.

6. Think about mobile friendly.

All of the above techniques are here for helping you to choose the best SEO according to your business.

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